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Priest slaps a baby

During a baptism in church France, a priest wanted to calm a crying baby. The priest thought that the baby simply grumbling and considered it a slap would do to stop crying. After the slap, the priest constantly kept the child's head with both hands and asked him to calm. The video is cut when the child's father is trying to get the baby out of the hands of the priest.

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  1. leroy smooth says:

    another pedo molesting an innocent child

  2. Maria De Lourdes Viana says:

    We should not interver us with the tenets of other religiões.Mas seeing this video, and other videos on social networks, onde estão envolvias bebês.Eu ficou a pensar aonde estão os orgos compententes que não estão tomando as dividas providencias para que estes atos de crueldades e maldades acabem. Not admisivéis that happen where are the rights of these children still so small,and being badly treated in this way! I've heard a lot of news in the media and newspapers related to infant deaths by drowning due to this reason “THOSE” of bastimos. Could not they wait more, até estes bebês crescerem mais um pouco?
    Perguntar não ofende! Só queria saber porque tudo isso