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Stamp creates the imitation of brick walls

This is the KoolForm, a stamp for wall decoration, applied on plaster and creates imitation brick. More details: https://koolform.com

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  1. Ivan says:

    Brick roller price, delivery method or store address in the city. Sofia?

  2. Ibrahim Mihrin says:

    How to order a roller

  3. Ivelina says:

    Can I order one?

  4. Emil Mitev says:

    I want to buy an embossed roller

  5. zoya taboo says:


  6. Ivanka Chifilyonova says:

    Hello!I want to order 1 brick roller. What is the price??

  7. Penyo says:

    Price of the decorative roller and contact phone number , thanks to

  8. Penyo says:

    Price of the decorative roller

  9. Darina Manolova says:

    hello, we bought the roller, but we didn't understand what to use to prevent it from sticking

  10. Ivan Vachev says:

    How much does it cost,I'd like to order

  11. Annalisa Quercioli says:

    Or I would like the roller that imitates bricks ,how much does it cost?

  12. Dana M says:

    Hello,where I can order a roll that imitates bricks ?

  13. Ralitsa says:

    I am interested in the roller imitating bricks!
    What is its price and how can I order it?

  14. Mariela says:

    Where can I order a brick imitation roller and what is the price

  15. Emil Petrov says:

    Price for the roller

  16. salvation of petrov says:

    What is the roller used to prevent it from sticking? .

  17. viktor dinev says:

    I want to pay and what is the price

  18. Mikhail Mikhov says:

    They could price a roller

  19. Ear Vasile says:

    One price per order, or online stores.

  20. Nedka Sandieva says:

    I would like to order but I want to know the price

  21. Miglena Latinova says:

    How much does it cost and where to buy

  22. Theodora Georgieva says:

    Can you price information, I would like to order

  23. Baragan and says:

    Hello, regarding the brick-style screeds, how much would they cost, I am interested

  24. tomas says:

    Good day. One can still buy the roller?

  25. Gil Alexander Alexander says:

    Hello, I would like to purchase a roller tell me where you can buy.