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Russian attacked by stray dogs and reciprocates

A man in Dagestan Russia attacked by two stray dogs. Taking boxer stance, retaliates with punches and kicks the dog tried to bite him.

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  1. Elysa says:

    Give the dog and cat something to eat then you will have no problems with them.
    tell me: who “got to” to take revenge on an animal??? paltry.

    • Galeb says:

      The human being is a holy shit.

    • Roger says:

      Are you kidding me!? Seriously since when are animal lives more important than that of human beings? You make me sick! Recently in this same area a 9 year old girl was killed by stray dogs! Was she paltry?! I suppose if a stray attacked you or God forbid a child you know you would just let them without any defense because they are hungry. Unreal!

      Yes humans started this problem by not being responsible pet owners. That does not mean that these strays should be allowed to hurt people unchecked. That little lesson may keep that very large dog from hurting a child in the future. Good on that guy for defending himself.