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Member humanitarian organization rescues a girl from sniper fire

The scene took place Friday under the heat in Iraq Mosul. The David Eubank, former member of the US Special Forces, performing humanitarian patrols in the city when he saw a pile of corpses. All had been killed, trying to escape the snipers Islamic state.

From distance, by David saw movement among the corpses, and saw a girl of 5 years, which was hidden by the dead mother. Soon they worked out a plan with the help of Iraqi soldiers. The soldiers threw smoke bombs and shot to his fighters ISIS to cover the US.

The man returned after a few seconds with the little girl in his arms.

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  1. dimitris81gr says:

    There are two types that seem to be alive , the one in the middle of the walls and the other in front of the right of,(i΄sws lying on his back). at 0.17 -0.19 waving their hands. I can't figure out if they want help or just tired… When someone is so exposed to fire at the expense of, not shaken even. When you don't yet, asking for more intense help. I do not exclude anything.