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Do not park in odd places in Russia

Yet this is not a fake or staged video. The driver of a car parked on a lawn area for the city Omsk Russia, noticed a strange object in the front left wheel when he returned. Seeing better wheel, He remarked that it was a rubber band tied to the pin of a grenade! Immediately called the police and recorded this video.

The experts examined the car and found the object on the wheel, Noting that it was a Russian grenade F1 and carried it safely to the forensic experts of the Russian police. Still not determine if this is a real explosive device.

Parking in places that disturb residents often punished with “strange” ways in Russia. Usually caused damage to the car “offender” but rarely sees such extreme action.


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Hans Kastorp
Hans Kastorp

The kindness of the Russian soul.
The Bolsheviks imagine 100 years ago.