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The unlikely puzzle

Ten years ago, a man found a strange puzzle with a ring in a clinic. The goal is very simple: The ring must be passed by the green ball in the red. Every time you go to the doctor was trying to solve, but never managed. Try to seek help from his friends, but nobody was able to solve the puzzle.

Without any logo as an element for the manufacturer of the puzzle, it was impossible to request termination of a. Eventually and after 10 years efforts, He called on the Japanese show “Knight Scoop” specializing in puzzles. Accompanied by one of the show presenter, They began to find someone who could solve the riddle.

The two men visited a detective, a professor, a magician and a… monkey, but without result. End, addressed to an expert in the puzzle, given the option.

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  1. Japanese TV is centuries ahead of our own garbage..

  2. Yet IS !!!! Now can quietly leave this world….The Japanese culture…. The puzzle was in the doctor's waiting space of…. Okay we have …fashion magazines !!!