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The store of the future

With the Amazon Go, the company is shaping the future of an Amazon Fund supermarket. 4 years ago, the Amazon began designing the idea a shop where someone will comes in and will shop skipping the Fund, cash and endless queues.

How does it work; Before entering the store, the customer is identified with the help of the Amazon app on phone. Then, can get any product on the shelves of the store and it will be added to your virtual shopping cart. If opinion changed the product will automatically be removed.

The Amazon does not explain in detail how it will proceed with this project, but talks about the use of technology that is already in the autonomous cars (Computational vision, learning algorithms and sensors). A test store already opened in Seattle for the employees of the company, and will open to the general public in early 2017.


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Every time I see such a vanguard that make unnecessary human animal factor, I have mixed feelings, because from a technology passes the reins and frees anthopo slowly ,but on the other we are so far behind in economic pageiomeno sytstima based on the profit that will be our destruction. We will be affected by the unemployed who can not in any circumstances be absorbable. This will result in a dramatic decline in population as the horses while they were on their picnic in early 1900 , today is infinitesimal compared with ttote due… Read more »