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The polite motorcyclist and the rude driver

Coming out of a gas station in Britain, a driver has forgotten the mobile and wallet on the roof of his car. Twisting, the wallet falls from the roof to the road and a motorcyclist who follows trying to return it to its owner.

But as it approaches, the wizard makes a gesture. After previously turning abruptly halting the course of motorcycle , the Guide thought that the motorcyclist wanted to bicker with him.

The man on the motorcycle will carry accordingly after returning the wallet, and then I show him the cellphone that was still on the roof of the car. Will let mobile ostentatiously to fall to the ground and will continue his way.

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  1. dimitris81gr says:

    But how much jerk may be the motorcyclist; Is gynaikoyla looks and contracted with a kolodachtylo rightly, from the one, the pulled the other. Very easy everyone, If was persecuted , I had a similar reaction, or at least an attitude of Defense.. Freeboard seemed eygenikotatos when he realized why the stalked the biker In such events while we are given the opportunity to show how we behave like men ”gynaikoyles” is very frustrating. Do you think that this vile reactions make someone Analmilftaboojapanese; Akou there and a few did; IE what do you suggest my friend; To descend and the break in the wood; The to abrade the whole car; If you believe this dude and Bravo etc ,Greetings gentlemen.

    The reprove this behaviors
    For me the man if he wants to be called Man , means it is not influenced by any komplexiko type or any situation. Keeps his temper and claimed as a man . With courtesy ,humor and respect. Is the ruler of his thoughts and not verified from these. The be misunderstood means that his selfishness and anti to the hide as do fighters, the signalling it pligwthikame through voices, break stuff, talking with insults and obscene many other. They cannot be called Toys. It is something else.

  2. Grigorios Kalogeros Grigorios Kalogeros says:

    So well done my friend.

  3. George Sargiwtis George Sargiwtis says:

    Kala of Kane the big….

  4. Ntirintachta says:

    Very well made the motorcyclist