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Fierce fighting over and “conflicting” between two women

In a parking lot in the United States, two women quarrel, but the row will soon evolved into a duel between car collision.

After taking on the ground of the parking area, the two women will get in their cars (a Rav4 and a BMW) and will start the “conflicting”. The woman with the Rav4 will leave the scene tearing up a fire hydrant with the SUV of.

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  1. Vassilis Larisis says:

    Amman debts… They will find them and mocked their insurance, easy. But the video will xeftylisei and will charge the. Anyone want his joker numbers;

  2. Mitsos Kapoios Mitsos Kapoios says:

    Sofia Andreadou

  3. Leonidas Galanos Leonidas Galanos says:

    mayres zwa! den perimeneis kati diaforetiko !

  4. Underarm says:

    Chontrochazo ameriklanes.

  5. dimitris81gr says:

    This thing where attendees, instead of intervening , sit and fun I can not figure it out

    • Konstantinos Theodoridis says:

      and I the same I would however…upon seeing two kwlozwa with expensive jeeps to dissolve their cabs to prove who is more crafty, slowly, not with concerned to the divide….to the break to lose to learn (We say now)….

  6. 1lias3 says: