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A claustrophobic's nightmare

Caving is the Spelunking underground cavities, but also the passage of very confined spaces. It is not the ideal activity for a claustrophobic.

This video collects clips from explorations in caves in England and Wales. The program includes narrow passages, water and mud up to the neck. Filmed from the club members Dudley Caving Club between 2010 and 2015.


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George Th Syrkiadis
George Th Syrkiadis

The claustrophobia has nothing to do with the children stenofovia. Someone who suffers from claustrophobia have no problem going through these narrow passages of caves, but may be mad in an elevator stuck between floors 2. Instead, someone suffering from stenofovia can sit for hours in the elevator, while breathing only with the video footage will be cut, as I got let me say !!!!!!