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Man rescues dog from icy nerolakko

On Monday, November 7, 2016, a man tried to rescue a dog that had fallen into the icy water of a small lake in Kostroma city Russia.

While the animal desperately tries to stay on the surface of the water, the man approached and tried to catch it from the front legs. Panicky, the dog then bit him on the hand. To avoid bites, the man carefully tried to grab the dog by the neck before finally managed to pull him on the ice.


  1. dara says:

    thank you amazing video and amazing zakrok ins dog and ignored Dakujem

  2. Vassilis Larisis says:

    man demonstrates once again the stubbornness in accepting the decisions of fate and nature. If once the people living 2000 years in this exact stubbornness would have…

  3. Stargazer says:

    phge o anthrwpos na to swsei kai ekeino ton dagkwse. gia ton poutso ta skylia. gates for life re!

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