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Attempted robbery in Russia

On Monday, October 24, 2016 in Chelyabinsk city in Russia, a car camera recorded a violent attempted robbery. Using a batons, a thief tried to steal her bag a man hitting him in the head repeatedly.

Despite the hard knocks, the man managed to keep his purse. A passer-by came for help and chased the thief, who was arrested shortly afterwards. According to the police, the thief had that the victim took a large sum of money from the Bank (around 6000 €) and had followed.


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Beyond the implicit…passers-by just stare and after
7 hits someone finally PRIDE help…I wanted to comment on the
difference between reality and movies…where such a hit on
the victim falls strips dry for at least five minutes immediately….While here of
broke the head over time and the guy is still a defensive campaign..