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A woman shoots burglars in her home

On September 16, 2016 in Gwinnett County in the United States, a woman fired three armed burglars who tried to rob her house.

Around 4 am, she heard a noise in the house. He got a gun and got out of bed to see what happens, when he came face to face with the thieves. He did not hesitate to shoot them, injuring one of them fatally. The video of the security camera was released by the police to identify suspects.

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  1. Vassilis Larisis says:

    In Greece the failure a few days after the bandits would get his revenge xeklirizontas their entire Famelis anyone who dared oppose them. The weapons they bring trouble. Away, away!

  2. Parris says:

    The man who was with her AMOUNT oriole;;;;;;;;
    They enabled only when they had gone ooloi and got the tel. from hands to call he police;;;SOURGELOOOOO
    Unless it was all these things stolen and took the phone. to prevent her from calling the police before they hide some suspicious things…

  3. Man From Earth says:

    House is this or warehouse???

  4. dimitris81gr says:

    Para was familiar- trained with weapons and sub gunpoint in the face of not even cowed . Immediate reaction .Pyrovolouse and took tel. I wonder what business does and what was in the house of. However if you do not appear and burst , there would be no danger of her life and neither would be killed one of the 3. Freeboard with the cameras are far more likely to find them.