Bully student threatens his teacher

(18) | 27/01/2020 | 5 Comments

Unacceptable behavior toward a student teacher in a professional high school of Thessaloniki, threatening and swearing to a lack of deleted.

Priest breaks a coach with crowbar (Santorini)

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The incident happened in August in Santorini. A driving school coaches slightly collided with the car of a priest, but who seems to have had personal differences and the owner of the school. The priest throws […]

Best foreign series that I've seen

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For another year,promises a nightmarish video winter,απο την αγαπημένη μας επίγεια ψηφιακή τηλεόραση…Ξεκατινιάσματα πολιτικών στα παράθυρα,stupid reality survival and endless broadcasts mageirikis.Ochi children for another year,I will not give them a moment […]

Woman trying to start a scooter with the stand

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A woman in the village of Gerani, Crete is trying to put forward a scooter, using the stand. Another girl then comes to help, but the effort is futile.

Rescue woman off of Piraeus by passing ship

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On May 9, 2018, επιβάτες στο πλοίο “Άγιος Νεκτάριος” που έκανε το δρομολόγιο Πειραιάς-Αίγινα εντόπισαν μια γυναίκα στη θάλασσα και αμέσως ξεκίνησε η διαδικασία διάσωσης από το πλήρωμα. The woman had fallen overboard […]

The rout of Argentina

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The rout of Argentina

Testing the campaign portion of the Greek army

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The Emmy from Rhode Island experiencing the campaign meal of Greek army.

Greek guy in Germany is faced with the whirlwind

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A Greek in the village Lobberich of Germany was confronted by the great tornado that struck the area on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. The man gives us the picture of the situation in three different languages!

100+ years of Greek music

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Nicolas Raptakis along with: Helen Pozatzidou, Natasha Mindrinou, Michael Zeis and Bitman, make an a capella tribute to Greek music. Starting in 1910 and going until today, We hear some of the […]

The man who invented the now

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Michael Faraday. If you do not already know this name, it's time to learn.

ants: computer nature

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Ants make wars, building bridges and cultivating farms. But how coordinate them so harmoniously; Και τι μπορούμε εμείς να μάθουμε απ’ αυτό; A Web episode "What the Fact?!" by […]

What is nothing

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Nothing. Zero. Absence. Η μελέτη αυτού που λέμε “κενό” ξεκλείδωσε τα μεγαλύτερα μυστικά του σύμπαντος. A Web episode "What the Fact?!"With Mikeius.

The first photograph that changed the world

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Flash: How a seemingly trivial gadgets of the season, changed the lives of the working class.

The science in practice

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O Mikeius visiting the Natural History Museum Goulandris workshops, and shows us the people who are developing science.

The Metropolis Champions League

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Αυτή ήταν η τελετή έναρξης του ποδοσφαιρικού τουρνουά “Metropolis Champions League”, organized by the Diocese of Neapolis Thessaloniki.