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Νέα Βίντεο
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1955 RCI Food Ration Oldest Peanut Butter Ever Eaten MRE Review Post-Korean War

Hello, everyone!
This time, we have 2 B-Unit cans from a very rare Post-Korean War-era Ration, Combat, Individual (RCI) up for review.

We try out the crackers, jam, cocoa beverage, and most notably – eating half of a can of that 61 year old peanut butter – what has to be by far the oldest recorded peanut butter ever eaten!

About 21 hours later right now, and I am just fine. Had indigestion, and slightly low energy today, but the energy part probably derived from a complete & utter lack of proper rest, as per usual whilst making these YT videos. It’s more than worth it for your enjoyment

These cans are approximately twice the dimensional height of the well known MCI (Meal, Combat, Individual, or dubbed: C-Ration) of the Vietnam War-era.

These were bulky, inefficient in stowing in packs, and heavy.
The production of RCI’s was from 1950-1958 and then production ceased and were replaced with the MCI in 1959. Units were allocated and utilized to troops until stocks were depleted.

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