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Devel Sixteen V16 5000HP Engine Dyno

Devel Sixteen, 12.3 Liter V16 engine, 81 mm Quad Turbo, 32 Titanium Valves, Sixteen Cylinder One Billet Block, Devel Sixteen Cylinder Heads, One Billet Cam Shaft, One Crank Shaft, rated over 5000 Horsepower,

– 4515 Horsepower @6900 rpm, 36 psi c16 (dyno could not hold any more power over 4515 hp)
– 3519 Torque @6600 rpm, 36 psi
– 3002 Horsepower @6900 rpm, 20 psi (on pump gas – daily use)
– 2407 Torque @6400 rpm, 20 psi

– The Most Powerful Engine Ever Built for a Production Car.
– The Most Powerful Engine Ever Built on Pump Gas.
– The First & Only V16 Quad Turbo Engine for a Production Car.

This engine was designed and built exclusive by STEVE MORRIS ENGINES for DEVEL SIXTEEN

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