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Νέα Βίντεο
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broken ATM overwhelmed visitors thousandths bills

82 thousand rubles unexpectedly issued ATM Savings Bank Voronezh two students in Voronezh two young men have grown rich on 82 thousand rubles due to a broken ATM. However, for a short time as to embezzle money guys did not, and gave them to the place of the emergency caused by the staff of the bank and the police. The incident occurred about two in the morning on February 9 at the Savings Bank branch on the street Shishkova. Young people went there to withdraw money from the card. During the operation, they heard a strange noise from the nearby ATM. Then the car began spontaneously to give money -. Thousandth bill for one soon in the hands of young people turned out to be 82 thousand rubles. However, the students did not embezzle money. According to the guys, they’re just afraid that their suspect in the crime. Students called the police and employees of the bank. Sberbank has promised to write respectable customers appreciation.

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