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Πλανόδιος πωλητής με τηλεκατευθυνόμενα αεροπλάνα στην Κίνα

Ένας πλανόδιος πωλητής στην Κίνα, κάνει επίδειξη του εμπορεύματός του, ενός πολύ ελαφρού τηλεκατευθυνόμενου αεροπλάνου.

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  1. Vikki prasad says:

    I need this super fast aircraft how to buy

  2. Angelos ellinas says:

    my friend,I am interested in buying the plane you advertise in your video.This is my fhone [ 00357+99145639],if you want can get me a phone,or sent your fhone number and the time i can pick you up.Angelos ,cyprus.

  3. Angelos ellinas says:

    Hello I am Angelos,I am from Cyprus and i would like you to send me fhotos or videos from remotecontrolled fighter jets and prices if you can,Iwould also like you send me the price of what you keep in your vide.[ I am also interested in used and prices].