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Νέα Βίντεο

Risitas – Las Paelleras (Original video with English Subtitles)

Like what happened with the famous Hitler scene from “Downfall”, people are making videos with subtitles using this “interview” aired on Jesus Quintero’s show, “Ratones Coloraos”.

The interviewee is Juan Joya, commonly known as “Risitas” or “El Risitas”, literally meaning “little laughs” or “giggles”, due to the way he laughs during his jokes and stories. He became very known in Spain.

(The part most people end up using starts at 4:20, inb4 weed jokes)

Some non-Spanish speakers wanted to know what they originally said, so I made this for them. I tried to make it as faithful as possible, but Risitas speaks with Andalusian accent and sometimes it can be a bit “closed”. However, I think I was able to take all the meaning and translate it properly.

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