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Scary House for Halloween

Occurred on October 31, 2017 / Saint Charles, Missouri, USA

“This was our first Halloween at our new home and we both love Halloween so we decided to create a memorable first Halloween. We worked diligently for several weeks to come up with a topical and current themed halloween display. All props were hand build and painted by us. The window and pumpkin effects were via projector from purchased software. Most of the decor (less the scarecrow) were not placed until Halloween morning. The show starts with the pumpkins on stage singing cute Halloween songs. From the second story windows, two corpses lay as Zombies swarm the upper level. Next is the haunted scarecrow grave yard followed by a walk along the old, rickity fence to the Zombies attempting to escape thru the windows. At the end of the sidewalk, spiders swarm and protect the porch as Penny Wise guards the steps. A brave trick-or-treater could grab a bag of snacks from the basket held by Penny, if they date. Finally, the demon nun blocks the escape. Brave souls are then rewarded with tasty treats.”

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