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Man built a swimming pool in the shape of a pirate ship for his children, but the neighbors forced it to be demolished

It took Toronto resident John Konstantinidis eight weeks to build a swimming pool on the property of his suburban home. The man wanted his children to have more fun during the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. However, an unusual object in the form of a pirate ship had to be demolished after complaints from neighbors.

Just a week after the completion of the work, Konstantinides was approached by representatives of local authorities with an order to dismantle the facility. As it turned out, they received an appeal from one of the man’s neighbors, according to whom, the pool was built too close to the border of the site and the fence standing there.

The municipality agreed with the complaint, pointing out to Konstantinidis that the construction of pools requires a special permit. In addition, for an object of this size, it is also necessary to draw up a special document regulating building codes and regulations. According to the father, the news of the demolition of the pirate ship was extremely upsetting for his two children. He was outraged by the attitude of the neighbors and claims that they could first express their grievances in a personal conversation. Nevertheless, the man dismantled the pool, received all the necessary documentation and built it again in accordance with all the requirements of the authorities. So in the end the story ended well.

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