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The funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo, with music from the movie “The Professional” performed by an orchestra

The farewell ceremony for Jean-Paul Belmondo was incredibly touching, in tune with the emotions of hundreds of millions of people who saw off the wonderful actor who is associated with the times of youth and nostalgia. Even young people could not hold their tears, many of whom have not seen the film “The Professional”. The music from the movie by Ennio Morricone was performed by an orchestra during the ceremony.

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  1. Francisco Xavier Prudencio Briançon says:

    La mejor película de todos los tiempos, no hay exageraciones no ficción y hasta se puede vivir mucho de la cultura francesa que no estuvo exenta del complot gubernamental, como en tantos otros países. La música no podía ser más justa para una película así Ennio es un compositor de talla mayor.

  2. Fasbinder vivi says:

    Cela me vas droit au cœur ❤