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Korean gamer has proved that she is not a cheater

17-year-old Korean girl with Gegury nickname had to prove that it does not use cheats, and just really playing well.

Gegury masterfully plays for Dawn, according to statistics from the 420 matches played, she won 80% of them. She proved to be in many tournaments, but after winning the Nexus Cup qualifying matches its opponents complained to the Korean Blizzard department, demanding to check whether Gegury not use cheats. Two professional players even said that if she plays so well without cheating, then they will leave eSports career.

After Blizzard proceedings gave an official answer – no, Gegury not use any forbidden program, it is just a very good player. In support of this, Blizzard Korea even held a special event where Gegury played a few games on the scene. The girl even cried during the broadcast of the event: according to her, she could have played better, but is now in a strong stress due to allegations of cheating.

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