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KFC presents its video game console that also keeps the chicken warm

KFConsole is a device in collaboration with Cooler Master, Intel, Asus and Seagate that has a chamber to heat chicken wings. Far from being a simple joke for social networks, the Cooler Master page shows different perspectives of the device that includes the Intel Nuc 9, two Barracuda 1TB SSDs and a GPU slot that users can customize. Its external shape is reminiscent of a KFC bucket and is compatible with ray-tracing technology, virtual reality, 240 fps and 4K resolution.

But again, its feature that differentiates it from a custom console or PC is its camera that uses the heat from the system itself to heat the food that is placed in it. “Never risk leaving chicken cold thanks to the patented Chicken Chamber. Using the natural heat and air duct systems, you can focus on the game and enjoy hot, crispy chicken between rounds. ”

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