An autistic child neutralized and handcuffed by a security guard at his school #2

This is the 2nd video taken from the body cam of an SRO Officer with the Denton PD (first one is here: This 2 hour video shows the continued abuse of a 10yr old autistic boy where he has to beg to be released from handcuffs. This injustice was served by his SPED teacher that seems to have more interest in what is happening on her phone, the districts Behavioral Interventionist that obviously has no clue regarding autism since he forces this child to use his words, and a power driven officer that likes to threaten this child with handcuffs & take orders from the teacher. The district and police department continues to stand by there statement of ‘no wrong doing’. This is flat out assault and civil rights violation of a disabled little boy. Next time, call mom first and tell her the truth.

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