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Νέα Βίντεο
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Dog rides a pony in Denmark

Monza and Kasper are really good playmates, and they love to romp around the field.

For several years, Females Monza trained himself from jumping up on the back of the pony stallion. They have been playing together since goldenretriveren was a puppy 5 years ago.

The pony may well look pissed, but the owners said that if the dog comes and plays then Kasper disappointed.

It is Ulla and Søren Krab living by Gram with their two children, think it’s really fun to see the two animals together.

The second shetlanske pony Flicka will not play with Monza. Here she gets a little kick if she’ll jump up. But Kasper think it’s fun to play with the dog.

– It is not something we have trained it to. From puppy Monza always run down to the horses standing just outside our garden. Both pony and she is playful by nature, so that they came together, says Ulla Krab to TV SYD.

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