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Frozen fish comes alive

This fish is frozen solid but comes back to life, in minutes, after being placed in a pot of warm water.

Can fish and other aquatic creatures really survive in a state of suspended animation until spring? The surprising answer is yes, sometimes. It is true that some fish can spend the winter frozen in ice and come out swimming once the ice melts.

Some fish contain a kind of antifreeze substance that allows them to survive very cold conditions.

Much like bears and other hibernating animals, some ice-bound fish are able to shut down basic bodily functions, slow their metabolism, and enter a dormant state.

It has been reported that researchers had successfully revived microscopic creatures that had been kept frozen for 30 years.

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  1. Fischers Fritze says:

    Mach ich immer so mit frischen Forellen.Direkt vom Eimer in die TK-Truhe.Dann erst Wochen später nach dem auftauen erschlagen.So sind sie immer frisch.