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Lastbilschaufför stoppar ett försök stöld och överfall

I morse på Wood Green Road, #Wednesbury. Försök till stöld och överfall fångad på dash cam.

“I’m in slow moving traffic and I notice a young boy being held from behind in a choke hold… I first wonder if they are just messing around. Emellertid, 3 pojkar såg äldre och sedan långe suga stansar young lad. Jag bestämmer mig att få ut. The 3rd lad is trying to steal the young lads bike… by the time I approach I can see the lads are much larger than the young lad… infact 2 were bigger than me… they are easily 18/19 years old. The chokeholder violently yanks the young lad away from his bike by the neck meanwhile the tall one mounts the bike so I sprint over and hit him… I then shove the 3rd guy then turn and take on the chokeholder.
The young lad is turning white and is unsteady on his feet… I manage to get him behind myself and I use my best Glaswegian barks for them to fuck off but tall one goes behind us to get the bike again I presume. Så jag får den unga lad (och hans cykel) över till min lastbil och steg i att sätta muttern på tall en som fortsätter att vara ett hot.
En gång av skott (på passagerardörren) I offer to take him as passenger to nearest police station but as it turns out one of his mates had ran off to get help and so a female family friend arrived soon after and took him to safety… it turns out he was only 15”.

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