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Poľský vodič kamiónu Keys Tesla

Došlo k tomu 23. júla, 2017 / Ulica Roberta Latoucheho, Pekný, Francúzsko

“We had a trip to Nice in France and parked our car in a street. Videli sme, že vagón bol poškriabaný na pravej strane. In the evening I went through the Blackvue dash cam that I have installed and found the person who keyed my vehicle.”

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1 komentár

  1. Claus Larisis hovorí:

    Teslox driver keys a tesla car… Too many coinsidents, and too unimportant for other people’s eyes. You should go to the police with that video and live with the fact that problems exist in the world, and problematic people can damage your property. And accept the fact that with that video-protest you may create more problematic behaviours as a reaction.