gato dron

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meme discord de michitactico creo

Ride the cheapest Lombac train

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Ride the cheapest Lombac train

Riding the cheapest train is very enjoyable in Colombia

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Riding the cheapest train is very enjoyable in Colombia

The moment when a beautiful goal was scored by a football legend #cr7

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The moment when a beautiful goal was scored by a football legend #cr7

Restoration of historic doors using a laser cleaner

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it is so easy to renew an old door with SHARK P CL 120M laser cleaner. The wood remains dry, freed not only of color and natural deposits, but also any pests – insects or […]

a perfect surface with SHARK P CL laser cleaner

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Hey guys! we got our hands on an old knife grinder and scissors. It had been cleaned – damaged by a poor quality laser cleaner, another brand. It’s horrible and almost unbelievable the surface and […]

Revolutionary UV Ink Wall Printer: Printing Company Logo on Metal Surface

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Watch in awe as our state-of-the-art UV ink wall printer effortlessly transforms a simple metal plate into an eye-catching company sign. In this captivating video, witness the power of cutting-edge technology as it combines precision […]

Horse Riding in Santorini – Santorini ride with Horses

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Enjoy the Beauty of Santorini with a horse ride and make the best experience and activity banner in this beautiful island with the name: SANTORINI. HORSEBACK TOURS on the beach with a unique sunset and […]

How to clean a old wood with laser?

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check out the quick restoration of the old wooden Paper press with laser cleaner SHARK P CL 200M, By PULSAR Laser

PULSAR Laser cleaning – SHARK P CL 200M

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video how to clean with our laser cleaning technology. checkout a PULSAR LASER SHARK P CL laser cleaning preformance Laser cleaning rust, paint. Even removing a paint from the wood.

Hiking Dogs Daycare

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Kiscsoportos kirándulós kutyanapközi Budapesten a 11. kerületben. www.hikingdogsdaycare.hu

heavy powder paint cleaned by SHARK laser cleaner

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SHARK 200 cleans extra coarse powder paint the width of the laser beam is set to 60 mm the result is perfect surfaces homogeneous with a regular structure without heat stains without damage and so […]

Presentación al canal

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Mi primer vídeo humilde en este canal también humilde

girl fishing tambaqui

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Girl fishing tambaqui with hand line

Αλάθητη παγίδα για να πιάσεις ψάρια

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Αλάθητη παγίδα για να πιάσεις ψάρια