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Road rage: Bus smashed car against trees

A road rage footage taken in Qingzhou, east China’s Shandong province on May 13 has shown a bus bumping multiple times on a white car running in front of it. The collusions can be seen in the footage getting fiercer by each bump. The bus can be seen suddenly accelerated, pushing the white vehicle against road side fence then on a tree.
It was later on revealed that the bus driver and the car driver were involved in a road rage argument. What the footage didn’t show was even more horrifying. The car driver was seen leaving the car after his vehicle was pushed against the tree, and the bus suddenly turned around and run over him.
The car driver could be heard screaming for help during the whole process, whilst the bus driver was heard scolding and cursing.
The bus driver was later detained and the car driver was sent to the hospital. Local police is conducting further investigation on the case

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