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A resident of Ekaterinburg gave battle rapist in an elevator

True Hollywood fight for life and death has occurred in the elevator of a building in the Academic.

January 23 girl with a bouquet of flowers from back home exam. Bouquet was designed in-law, who helped to prepare for it. On the street behind it had come with a man in the hood. Suspecting nothing, the student got into the elevator – and then the stranger grabbed her from behind.

But she was not satisfied with the role of a silent victim – she began to fight back fiercely, kicking and even a bouquet.

– Of course, she was scared, but the nature of her battle and she decided to just give up, – said the girl's husband Alex.

The forces were not in favor of a maniac – she literally pushed the would-be rapist of the elevator, ran back to the cabin and began to frantically press the button of closing doors.

But the offender at the last moment changed his mind to hide – and, as in horror movies, is back in the elevator. But he got a new portion of the blows. He tried to speak with the victim, showing her gestures to be quiet, but eventually gave up and retreated.

She called for the number of security systems, but no trace of the perpetrator. The victim wrote a statement to the police, gave signs of operatives and five days later, on January 27 he was caught in the same academic. He wandered in search of a new victim.

– A man was easily identified – it was the same coat and the same scarf, which came to the attention of the cameras during the attempted commission of the crime. I detained the man, who at first denied his guilt. Then he showed a video where it was clearly visible not only his clothes but also the face. It was useless to deny his guilt, – he said the district Batraz Bagaev UK “Academic”.

Now the detainee is in custody. He faces criminal responsibility for the attempted rape.

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