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Train Crash While working on a Rock-afire Show 12 6 2015

I was working on a new Rock-afire show late Saturday night when this happened. I watched these guys get stuck on the tracks and, even with a dozen or more people trying to help them they couldn’t get their car off the tracks. I was about to call 911 to stop the trains as I have done so many times before when the drunks pour out of the bars and get stuck on the tracks. But, for the second time in my life, I heard the train whistle before I could make the call. I have seen a train smash a car in this exact place before, so this was no big deal to me. Just another train wreck beside my building. I never even thought I would upload this for Rock-afire fans. Just another tidbit of my life for friends and family. But, when the phone started ringing off the hook from news desks around the world wanting this footage, I decided I wanted to share it with Rock-afire fans. This also will become part of the new show I was working on when this happened. It fits right in, amazingly enough, almost as if G-d said, “Here Aaron. Stop struggling with what to put in your new show. Just, step outside, grab your camera and shoot.” So, watch the full video now, and look for a new Rock-afire show based on this in a few days.

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