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Escape from Tarkov – Action Gameplay Trailer

Is an action This video footage recorded via replay system on pre-alpha build of EFT. Watch Announcement Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPlnH … Escape from Tarkov is a new narrative hardcore MMO mix FPS of / TPS and RPG genres. Protagonist finds himself in the modern Russian city sunk into anarchy: only the fittest will solve the mysteries of Tarkov and get out alive. In dangerous simulator Combat & hazardous environments uses multitude of system modules for full gameplay immersion and sense of reality. Closed beta of Escape from Tarkov by Battlestate Games studio is planned for Q1 2016 – sign up at http://www.escapefromtarkov.com Escape from Tarkov – hardcore story multiplayer online game is at the intersection of genres, FPS / TPS and RPG. The hero of the game is in modern Russian city where anarchy: only the fittest will reveal all the secrets Tarkova and get out of it alive. Combat Simulator in hazardous conditions using a variety of system modules for immersive gameplay and a sense of reality. Closed testing Escape from Tarkov by Russian studio Battlestate Games will start in the first quarter of 2016 – sign up in the ranks of the beta testers on the project website: http: // www.escapefromtarkov.com

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