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Motorcycle Running From The Cops CRASHES Into Curb Police Chase Street Bike Vs Cop Epic FAIL

Watch as motorcycle running from the police crashes into a curb. The video starts with street bike stunt rider putting a I don't stop for cops sticker on the side of police officers patrol car when driving down the road. After this the motorcycle takes off with cop car in hot pursuit flashing lights an sirens. The police officer continues chasing the motorcycle for about a 1/2 mile till the motorcyclist wrecks hard into island curb. This sends both the street bike and it's rider tumbling at high speeds down the middle of the roadway. Right after the accident the sport bike rider immediately jumps up from the pavement and picks up his motorcycle to try an start it. But the motorcycle well not start an by this time the police officer in the patrol car is right behind the motorcyclist. The street bike rider makes multiple attempts at trying to start his motorcycle but have no luck. So the he jumps onto another stunt bike riders motorcycle an takes off.

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