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Seven masked men in front of the guard carried the ATM from the building of the plant

The gang stole freely terminal and disappeared in two cars. Scenes from ATM theft caught in CCTV Camera Lens. On the film can be seen as seven masked men entered the building unhindered Leningrad Electric plant in the village and began to pull Metallostroy ATM from the floor. theft took place in front of the Chief of Security of the enterprise and the guard-controller, which is one of the criminals gestured to remain silent and not to take any action. Males using scrap pulled ATM for two minutes and then left the room and fled in two cars. DVR, DVR, accident, car, Donetsk, Ukraine, explosion, point y Boeing, Russia, bomb, rocket, a massive explosion, artillery, hail, Motorolla, Lugansk, beech, putin, Ljashko, Klitschko Poklonskaya, Harf, Psak, column, BTR, fire, war, cues, response, civilians, murder, Makarevich, Poroshenko, obama, crushed, maidan, rally , ATM

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