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Comix Zone gameplay – Full passage

Sketch Turner, an artist and independent rock musician, working on his new comic called Comic Zone (Comix Zone). In his paper describes an attempt a new world empire to save the Earth from attacking rebel aliens, which he himself with inspiration and invents. One night begins a violent thunderstorm and lightning strikes one of Turner’s house. At the same moment the main villain of the comics, Mortus, sees in the real world, and sends the artist in his own comic book. Mortus Because he is a cartoon character, he can not fully materialize physically in the real world as the author of comics alive. Problem Turner out alive of them painted the same world of comics. In this sketch helps General Alice Kane, who takes him for a superhero who appeared for the salvation of a post-apocalyptic world from Mortusa and alien invaders. Well, the villain himself, while in the real world, in every way prevents them from painting on the way of our hero ever new enemies

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