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Κόβοντας κλαδιά με λέιζερ

Ένας εργάτης κόβει κλαδιά δέντρων από απόσταση με ένα κανόνι λέιζερ της εταιρείας SPT Laser από το Χονγκ Κονγκ.

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  1. Dariusz says:

    Chcę kupić proszę o kontakt

  2. Римма says:

    Хочу узнать цену для России

  3. KOUKLOUBERIS george says:

    Good evening, I am a professional agronomist
    who is active in green works.
    I would be interested to know
    the price of the laser cannon for cutting tree branches and if I can make a purchase.
    If you have it immediately available,
    what actions should I take since you have the product and it has to go to Greece and specifically Crete.
    Also I would like to inform me about:
    is there an operating manual?
    is a special license required?

  4. Maier Sabin says:

    Doresc preț