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Video confirming Johnny Depp’s innocence of domestic violence against Amber Heard

The accusations against actor Johnny Depp of domestic violence by his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, may be a lie. This was announced in the Daily Mail, having published a video from body cameras of representatives of the Los Angeles police.
According to the actress and her comrades, who gave numerous testimonies in this case, in 2016, Depp allegedly destroyed the apartment after their next quarrel, throwing the phone right in her face. This incident was the final straw in their 18 month old relationship.
In particular, Heard talked about broken glass on the floor, stains of red wine on the walls and carpets in the apartment. However, as Depp’s lawyers noted, this is completely at odds with the testimony of the police who visited the apartment on the day of the quarrel. They emphasized that nothing suspicious or any signs of a struggle, as well as destruction, had been noticed.
In the three-minute footage from the body cameras of the second group of officers who called 911 that day, you can see that the version of the police – at least in the presented footage – looks more like the truth. There are no signs of suspicious activity or any obvious signs that furniture or interior items have been damaged in the apartment.
Recall that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard broke off relations with a scandal in May 2016. At the same time, the girl accused her husband of domestic violence – he allegedly threw the phone in her face. She even included a photo of the bruise. However, later a recording of their quarrel was published, according to which the actor himself was the victim of beatings. The artist filed a lawsuit against Heard and demanded $ 50 million for libel.

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