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Buying some boxes of Amazon returned products

Yes, apparently there are certain returns that by H or by B are not re-integrated into the sales network, and are auctioned in lots . You can buy a return pallet for X money, blindly, without knowing what each box contains, if they are spoiled things, bought by mistake, or simply lost. This youtuber buys a few in Las Vegas and opens them as “secret boxes”.

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  1. ines abecassis says:

    como posso comprar uma caixa

  2. Péricles Miguel says:

    Pode ser que tenhamos sorte

  3. Clara Pereira says:

    Como faço para adquirir essas caixa misteriosas n'a europa France

  4. Clara Pereira says:

    Como faço para comprar essai caixa misteriosas n'a europa

  5. Ewertom says:

    Com faz para adquirir essas caixas?

  6. Raad Al-Saidi says:

    Jag gillar att testa min tur. Vad innehåller i låderna?!!!

  7. Bélit Araújo says:

    Gostei bastante do conteudo :) Queria saber mais, como

  8. Sabrina alves says:

    Queria comprar como faço?