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Νέα Βίντεο

Source: Snapping turtle nearly bites finger by Jono

Snapping turtle bites man twice

Two friends went fishing in Burlington, Massachusetts last Friday hoping to catch something with artificial fishing lures. But two large snapping turtles hindered their progress.

Michael Ganley and Victor Sanchez visited the local fishing spot. “I had my phone out trying to get slow motion videos of the snapping turtles in the water,” said Ganley. “Of course they’ll eat anything. I cut the barbs off of a fishing hook and caught a small sunfish. Then dangled it in front of a turtle and caught one,” he added.

Sanchez warns him, “dude, that thing will take your f***ing finger off,” advising Ganley to be careful.

Unfortunately, as expected, the turtle didn’t respond too kindly to being caught, giving Ganley a couple of swift nips after it was pulled from the water.

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