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Fan tries to kiss a Brazilian journalist

A supporter tries to kiss a Brazilian journalist during the World Cup in Russia. Reporter Júlia Guimarães of Grupo Globo was another victim of harassment by a Russian supporter on Sunday, before the game between Japan and Senegal in Yekaterinburg, Russia, as he prepared to enter live in the Spectacle Sport. “It’s the second time that I’ve been in Russia, I’ve never been in Brazil, but it’s very clear that it’s because of luck, because it happens a lot in Brazil, we’ve seen several times with the press. a lot here in Russia, from aggressive looks to sung in Russian, which of course I do not understand, but I feel it.It is the second time that something physical happens, a guy trying to kiss me.First time, it was before the game between Egypt and Uruguay, and I think it was Russian Now it sure was Russian It’s horrible I feel helpless, vulnerable This time I gave an answer, but it’s sad, people do not understand. I wanted to understand why the person thinks he has a right to do that. “- Julia said.

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