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Tourist Blown Over By Jet Blast At Skiathos Airport

Tourists gathering at this runway can experience a different kind of takeoff – as it’s so close to a beach the force from the airplane engines can blow them over.

This jaw-dropping footage, captured at Skiathos Airport on the Greek island Skiathos, begins with a passenger plane – an Airbus A321-231 – taxiing towards the runway for takeoff.

As it turns and sets on the runway, which is bookended by the Aegean Sea, the engines rev up sending an initial blast of air towards beach-goers gathered around 30ft from the runway.

The huge gusts build as the engines begin to thrust, making the vegetation wave wildly, with the raw power making it difficult for onlookers to stand still without holding onto the fence.

And as the plane speeds along the runway for takeoff, it sends people flying backwards if they aren’t holding onto the fence.

The incredible video was captured by tourist Paul Turner, from Cheshire, UK, who runs camera stabilizer company Smoothshot.

He also filmed planes flying just feet overhead when landing on the same runway, on May 11 2018.

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