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Moose Confronts Cyclist

Occurred on May 21, 2018 / Anchorage, Alaska, USA

I was driving home from having lunch with my wife in anchorage and I saw the Mama moose with her two babies sitting under the flag pole by JBER. I thought that would make a great photo so I continued to drive home, got on my bicycle and rode the seven miles to where the moose was. As I was approaching the moose a tv station was there warning people about the moose attacking cyclist and other people. So they interviewed me, than were finishing up there story and went back to there car. I proceeded with caution and crested the hill with the Mama moose about thirty feet away. Just then I noticed a cyclist coming from the opposite direction riding towards me. so I started filming. When she attacked the cyclist and the cyclist fell down I was concerned until I saw him move. Then I got the attention of the tv news people and yelled at them that the moose was attacking another cyclist. so they got in there car and sped up to go in between them. Then the moose attacked the car as the car was shielding the cyclist from the moose. They eventually got far enough away where the cyclist got back on his bike and went back the way he came from.

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