Realistic 3D scene: octopus plays with ball

Houdini FEM solver for the ball and the octopus.

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  1. Vero says:

    Okay, 3D, Houdini… But still – HOW? 😁👌

  2. Claudia Guimaraes says:

    It’s awesome! Everything is totally real just the octopus missing a singles details for leaving a totally real. Love it!

  3. Jim Newton says:

    Ok, People, it is a 3d scene, not real. Some amazing work. If you read the caption it tells you “Realistic 3d Scene” Then in smaller print, it even tells you one of the programs used, Houdini.

  4. Jim Newton says:

    People it is amazing 3d work, as you see it say “Realistic 3d scene”. In the smaller print, it even mentions one of the programs used.. Houdini.

  5. aundre says:

    the octopus was investigating the floating ball at the surface and got washed up the beach. the wave receded leaving him high n dry with no ‘footprints’ QED tentacles now so sandy slippery he cant get a grip on the super light ball, like a dog trying to catch his tail.

    • KAR says:

      If this were real, the octopus would’ve been dead and dried up by the time the sand dried up that much after the tide receded. Sand stays wet for awhile. That’s perfectly dry sand.

      • Domenica says:

        Can you not tell the difference between wet and dry sand? this sand is very obviously wet, otherwise it would not stay in this pattern but would immediately “flow” or ripple back to its amorphous consistency… I can hardly believe this is really an animation. how can anyone prove it?

        • KAR says:

          Thanks, Dr. Domenica. I actually know exactly how wet or dry that sand is. I know what sand at all stages and all levels on the beach looks like. I grew up on the beach, lived in Florida for 40 years now. It is not completely fluffy, dry sand like at the top of the beach. It looks like damp sand closer to the ocean. However, the sand is not wet enough to support the life of an octopus. It would have dried up and died. It is already very clearly proven to be an animation as there are links all over the internet showing how it was made including the original animations.

  6. Lyrinda says:

    I wonder how they set up the octopus inthe middle of a flat sand beach, with no obvious trail to indicate that it crawled there. The arms are all stretched out as a perfect asterisk… as if it were dropped from above an somehow encouraged to stretch its legs out in all directions before placing the ball on top of it… I’d like to know the setup for the video…