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Sailors Discover Dead German Sailor During Clipper Boat Race

A group of sailors who were participating in the Clipper Round the World race discovered the body of a lone German sailor inside an abandoned boat drifting near the Philippines on January 31. The deceased sailor, later named in a statement from the Clipper race as Manfred Fritz Bajorat, was reportedly in an advanced state of decomposition when he was found.
The LMAX Exchange team abandoned the Clipper race after spotting the drifting boat, reportedly in the hope that they could help “the stricken vessel and any fellow sailors marooned.”
“After boarding the drifting vessel, we unfortunately discovered the body of a lone sailor. We remained on site, under instruction, until released by the USCG who continued with the recovery,” the team were quoted as saying in a statement on the Clipper website.
“As a team we found comfort that he was found and that peace will be given to his friends and family who have been looking for him. Our words and thoughts were shared on board as he now rests in peace.”

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