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Twerking Party Goers Chased Away by Herd of Cows

This is the hilarious moment a group of twerking teenagers were chased away – by a herd of angry cows.

The youngsters were dancing in a farmer’s field during a rural party in Khon Kaen province, northeast Thailand on March 14 at 3pm.

They were doing a bizarre style of twerking popular with young Thai people while listening to pop music played by a band on a large bus.

Four cows and one calf stood watching the teenagers before charging at the group – who were sent sprinting for safety to the roadside.

Rattana Chokbundit, who watched the scene unfold from her party bus playing the music, said: ”We travel all over Thailand with the music bus. We see teenagers dancing a lot like this, but what happened next was incredible. It’s not something anybody has seen before.

”Thankfully everybody was OK and nobody was hurt. But I think people will have to look out for cows in the future.”

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