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Νέα Βίντεο
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Mechanical Elephant

This incredible piece of engineering and art is situated in Nantes, France. Do you remember the Giant Spider build by the same two engineers/artists?
The Elephant is 12 metres high, 8 metres wide and 21 metres long; 48.4 tons of steel and wood (tulip. 450 horsepower motor. Spped 1 – 3 kmph. 60 cylinders (44 hydraulic, 6 pneumatic and 10 gas)
Located in the Warehouses of the shipyards that closed in 1987, Les Machines de L’ile is part of the Ile de nantes urban renewal project.
Together with many other mechanical giant insects and many other touristic interests including watching the workers build for their next projects. You will see the Great Elephant in action, the Machine Gallery, Marine World Carousel, Workshop, Cafe, restaurant and gift shop.
Le grand Eléphant

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