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Best graphics Drawing Tablet XP-PEN Star06 for beginners

https://www.amazon.com.au/XP-Pen-Wireless-Graphics-Drawing-Painting/dp/B072TZ1WQ2 One of the biggest names in drawing tablets, XP-PEN is always sure to provide an excellent user experience with any of its tablet products. The XP-PEN Star06 Draw is the perfect option if you are looking for a quality artist’s tablet designed for beginners. It’s the best drawing tablet for artists in terms of price and value for money. This tablet is compatible with all major operating systems, and can be used with programs such as Adobe Photoshop with ease. The XP-PEN Star06 ships with a free drawing pack, which includes tutorials as well as the ArtRage drawing software. The drawing pen that comes shipped with the tablet is battery-free, which is a great feature for those looking for a low maintenance device.


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