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Car Hits Utah Trooper And Throws Him Into The Air

A Utah High Patrolman was hospitalized after a sliding car hit him from behind in Sardine Canyon on Sunday. Sergeant Cade Brenchley, a second generation trooper, was responding to multiple cars that had slid off the road in the canyon. The trooper was walking toward a stranded white car when he was hit from behind by a black runaway car that was sliding. When Brenchley was hit, video shows him launched into the air before landing beside the white car. After he was hit, several passersby stopped to render aid to the trooper and called for help, including the driver who hit him. Among the first responders to the scene were three of Brenchley’s cousins and a couple of childhood friends, he said. Brenchley said Tuesday that he remembers stepping out of his vehicle, ”and then I remember everything was black. It felt like a weird dream.“ He suffered four broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade and road rash on his face.

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